January 2021 Sabbath Challenge

Kick 2021 off with a strong start in your spiritual life! Join us for our first ever Sabbath Challenge!

Why a Sabbath Challenge to start off the year? Because in a hustle culture where we constantly feel pressure to do more, observing a Sabbath is one of the most transformative disciplines we can practices as Christians. Because we could all use a day to re-orient our minds, hearts, and souls to Christ every week. Because hustling is literally killing us.

Friends, there’s a better way. And observing a Sabbath is a key way to navigating Jesus’ better way of life.

Learn more about the Sabbath challenge here or go ahead and sign-up here.

You’ll receive a series of short video teachings and a planning guide to get you started. Afterwards, you’ll receive a short prayer and reflection guide each week to complete at some point during your Sabbath.

Want to know a little more about what I mean by “Sabbath” before signing up? Check out the blogs I’ve already written below:

Hope you’ll join me!

Published by benjieshaw

Follower of Christ. Husband to Jenna. Dad to Ava and Caleb. Crossfitter. Coffee snob. MCU aficionado. Passionate about discipleship, engaging the unengaged, and helping churches understand/reach young adults.

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